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Thursday, 16 April 2015

How to : Braided updo !

. . Hello . x

Im a big Game of Thrones fan and the gripping storylines aren't the only reason im a big fan.
I really love the fashion and styles shown through-out the show and one of my favourite looks is the braids the female actresses wear.

For a really long time now ive always been braiding my own hair. At first I thought I was doing a French braid until a girl I know told me that my braid was actually a Dutch braid, which means I do it opposite to a French braid, which results in my braid sitting on top on the head rather in through the head.

To create this look . .
Step 1 - brush hair through and create a middle parting from the beginning of the hairline to the neck
Step 2 - take three sections of hair from the beginning of the middle parting on one side and begin to braid, ensuring to bring in strands from the sides as you go along
Step 3 - when both braids are secured with an elastic band, take them together and tie them in a knot.
Step 4 - position the end of the braids under the braids on the head and secure out of sight using hair clips
Step 5 - when the look is complete, shake your head for security and apply from hairspray !

I hope these steps are easy to follow and please don't hesitate to ask any questions regarding hairstyles or braids as im more than happy to help !


What I wore: Casual for day x

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Usually my posts consist of outfits that I wore on a night out or special occasion, but recently ive been taking snaps of my day time looks. As I work everyday and train every night, im usually in two outfits: my work clothes and my gym gear, but over Easter break I managed to get a few days out in my other outfits.

In the pictures below im wearing these patterned bottoms that aren't quite harem bottoms but are very similar. These are sooo comfortable and when I seen them I thought they'd be great for lounging about or for comfort.

Ive worn these a few times with a dark coloured top, either burgundy or dark purple, but I was starting to go off these bottoms and I didn't know why.

But then I went to the Galgorm Spa last week and realised I hadn't packed the purple top to wear with them and only had this cream swing top. And I was actually quite happy because I think the cream top goes a lot better !

I paired the bottoms with my new primark tan wedges, primark crochet waistcoat and my orange/coral bag that I picked up in a local charity shop.

I love patterned bottoms because all you need is a plain top and a nice plain jacket to complete the look, remaining stylish but effortless.
I hope every had a happy and peaceful Easter.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What im wearing : Red dress x

So two weeks ago I celebrated my 22nd birthday. As a gift from my sister, she got me this gorgeous red figure hugging dress and I just love it and decided to wear it last weekend when I was out celebrating a friends birthday.
In my last post I mentioned that I had a birthday outfit in mind and this dress was exactly what I was looking for but couldn't find anything like it, so I was really really happy when my sister presented me with it.
I love red: red nails, red lipstick, red heels . I think red is a very classy and timeless colour that adds glamour and romance to many outfits. As I wanted the dress to be the main focus, I paired it with my nude court heels and nude cream bag. For make-up I wore minimal make-up with a cat eye and a slick of red lipstick. I opted to wear my hair down with a wave and I added this gold body chain - just to break the red.
My top tip for today is: when wearing one bold colour, break the colour by adding fine jewellery - not too overpowering and therefore will not clash with the bold colour or take any focus away from the key piece

Saturday, 7 March 2015

What im wearing: 80s vibe

It has almost been a year since I last wrote or even came on my blog. But recently I decided to get back into it and im starting with a 'what im wearing' post.
Last weekend I celebrated my 22nd birthday with friends.
In my mind I had a completely different outfit that I wanted to wear but after spending a day shopping I came across a completely different look and it was this blue and green dress from Bank. At the beginning I was unsure about the dress but my friend really reassured me that it looked good and she really liked it. So I decided to go for that dress.
As we were just going to a bar I didn't want to wear really high heels so I opted for these booties with straps paired with my black and metallic clutch.
In the picture you cant see my hair very clear but I had it braided at the back and created a twist at the front.



Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What im wearing: Peach & Plum

The title to this post is very 'fruity' with the peaches and plums being the colour scheme with a touch of black and gold. . Just in time for summer :-)
On Saturday night I went out to celebrate my friend finishing Uni. We went sure whether we were going to a nightclub or bar until last minute so my outfit was just that, very last minute !
I decided to wear my hair sleeked back into a ponytail for two reasons. 1 I was in a hurry and its very easy to do & 2 I had very dark smoky eyes with a nude lip so I wanted my eyes to be the main focus point.
For my make-up I went a bit dramatic with my eye shadow and really smoked it out. . Im usually wearing a bold lip also but on Saturday I decided to wear a nude lip with a little bit of No7 shimmering gloss . . I wore my Topshop highlighter on my brow bone, cheek bone, cupids bow, collar bone and shoulders.  .I then used the Avon Dry Body oil spray on my legs to give them a healthy glow ! . .
Dress - H&M
Shoes - International
Bodychain - Ebay
Belt - Penneys
Earrings - Accessorize
Make-up - sheer cover, No7, Rimmel, Urban decay, accessorize


Monday, 5 May 2014

What im wearing; Bank Holiday Weekend

This bank holiday weekend I was a busy body. I was out on the Saturday night for my sisters birthday and out on the Sunday night to watch the Derry Jazz Festival. It was a great weekend and I really enjoyed myself.
So on to my Saturday night outfit. For a few weeks I had in mind what I would wear to my sisters birthday : a nice mint green top with my French connection shorts. I had this outfit in mind for a long time and was excited to wear it. That was until I went around town on Saturday and found these floral highwaisted shorts . . I really had no intention of buying any clothing items but when I seen them I thought they were so cute and would go with a lot of outfits so I grabbed them. When I got home I tried them on and well, the mint green outfit was dropped LOL . .
I added a pop of colour and covered my arms with this green long sleeved V-neck blouse. . For shoes I wore my burgundy / purple barely there sandals with a purple & black clutch bag. . I decided to keep my hair simple so I straightened it with a middle parting and sleek pony tail. For jewellery I wore gold hoops and this stunning gold choker necklace with a large gem stone. . This necklace was a bargain at only £5.00 from a shop in Belfast !!!


Blouse, Shorts, Shoes & Clutch - Primark & Penney's
Hoops - Accessorize
Necklace - Muse in Belfast

You can let me know what you think about my outfit selection in the comments below :-) . .x

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Guest Post: Make time for Me time

Hello. . This blog post has been created for a guest post which will feature on Coleoftheball

Im so obsessed with finding time for myself and being able to pamper myself . . im seriously a believer of making time for yourself whether it be an hour, a day or a few minutes . . you will instantly feel better when you've pampered yourself . .
My pamper night is a Friday and to be honest, it gets me through the week - I loveee seeing Friday because I spend the night getting ready for my Saturday night
So what does my pamper night consist of?
A hot bubble bath with lots of bubbles, candles and a magazine
I use my Soap & Glory exfoliator and Shower gel
Its then facial time - my favourite part. . I love getting all the dirt off my skin and out of my pores. . I use the Skin Truth products from Sallys beauty supplies . . these smell gorgeous and honestly leave my skin feeling super soft - I even use the brand on my clients when they come for facials
I then pop a facemask on and whilst it sets I go and make myself a cuppa, light more candles and turn on my spot lights - just to add some relaxation to the room
After 10 - 15 minutes I remove the face mask, then tone, then moisturise
I then pop on my teeth whitening strips and leave them on for around 45 minutes (only use whitening products once a week to make sure you don't cause too much damage to your teeth)
Its then time to do my nails - this takes up a bit of time but its worth it because I always feel better when my nails are done . . when there not painted I really feel euggghhhh - even my toes get done in Winter !!
I use nail products from the Skin truth range also . . Im usually a red kinda gal . . I love red nails because they are classy, timeless and go with everything . .
After my nails its time to spritz a little bit of coconut oil onto my pillow, put on a good DVD and kick back, relax and chill out !!xx

I hope this post has inspired you to take some time for yourself  to just chill out & relax